Rock Your Locks: 🎸

Hairstyles for Round & Oval Faces at Vibe Salon

Today, we’re diving into the exhilarating world of hairstyles tailored perfectly for those stunning round and oval face shapes. So, whether you’re rocking the sweet curves of a round face or the balanced elegance of an oval, get ready to unlock a world of hair possibilities that will leave you strutting the streets like the rockstar you are!

Rockin’ the Round Face

Alright, let’s kick off with the round face crew. We’re talking about those captivating cherub-like features that radiate positivity. Our goal? To accentuate your unique beauty and bring out your inner goddess or god of rock.

1. Short Pixie:

Go bold with a short pixie cut that adds angles and structure to your lovely face. This fierce ‘do draws the eyes upward and adds an edgy, confident vibe to your style.


2. Layered Bob:

Similar to the Classic Bob that flatters a DIAMOND and/or HEART shape… Opting for a layered bob that hits just below your chin will create a versatile look that can be symmetrical or edgy. This style adds dimension and movement, framing your face while giving a touch of drama.


3. Side-Swept Bangs:

Long, side-swept bangs are your best friend! They create an illusion of length and slim down your face, while adding a touch of mystery and glam.

All of these styles are also popular for Diamond and Heart shaped faces.

Oval Face Elegance

Next up, my friends blessed with the symmetrical wonder of an oval face. You’ve got that perfectly balanced canvas to work with, and we’re here to amplify your natural grace with some killer hairdos.  A few examples of exemplifying styles are similar to styles that also enhance your heart shaped face counterparts.


1. Classic Waves:

Embrace your inner Hollywood icon with timeless waves that complement the balanced contours of your face. Effortlessly elegant, these waves add a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to your everyday look.


2. Sleek Low Ponytail:

Pull back those luscious locks into a sleek and chic low ponytail. This clean and polished style showcases your facial features while exuding an air of sophistication.


3. Textured Shag:

If you’re up for some rock ‘n’ roll texture, a shaggy haircut is your jam. This ‘do adds volume and movement, enhancing your natural beauty with a carefree and rebellious edge.

Vibe Salon’s Hair Mastery

If you have been keeping up with us, you will notice that there are a variety of hairstyles that work for a multitude of face shapes.  At Vibe Salon, we’re all about celebrating your individuality and enhancing your unique beauty.  We’ll work with you to create a look that not only flatters your features but also captures your personality.  Remember when you step into Vibe Salon, you’re not just getting a haircut – you’re embarking on a transformational journey.

So, whether your face is a mesmerizing circle or an elegant oval, trust Vibe Salon to deliver hairstyles that harmonize with your features and elevate your confidence. From the moment you sit in our stylist’s chair to the final flourish, we’ll have you walking out with a hairdo that’s ready to own the spotlight.

Until next time, keep the good vibes rollin’, the hair rockin’, and your spirit shining bright!

Peace, love, and incredible hair days,

Manny Sena
Owner and Master Stylist
Vibe Salon