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Manny Sena: The Rockstar Hairstylist with a Passion for Family and Country

Born and raised in the vibrant streets of New York City, Manny Sena carries the energy and spirit of the Big Apple in everything he does. Growing up in a household of Italian immigrants and Police Officers, Manny was exposed to a diverse mix of cultures and values that shaped his unique perspective on life. From an early age, he discovered his love for hair and fashion, embarking on a journey that would lead him to become the rockstar hairstylist he is today.


Living Life on the Edge with Supreme Style! 

VIBE salon offers more than just exceptional hairstyling services. It provides a holistic experience that combines artistic expertise, personalized care, and a welcoming environment, leaving clients not only with stunning hair but also with cherished memories and a sense of belonging to the vibrant salon community.

Here is some of what to expect when you experience the VIBE.


Personal Attention & Care


Cutting Edge Experience & Advice


A Complete Rockstar Experience

Feel the Vibes

Expect a salon experience that is focused on individualized care, where each client’s preferences, hair type, and lifestyle are taken into consideration. Manny takes  time to listen, offers expert advice, and provides customized solutions that enhance the natural beauty of each client.

The salon’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the chair, as Manny cultivates long-term relationships and creates a supportive salon community.

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VIBE is a full service salon, offering a full spectrum of styles from conservtive to adventurous.

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