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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The Keratin Relaxer Treatment is a revitalizing and nourishing hair procedure that infuses natural keratin into the hair, reducing frizz, smoothing out texture, and promoting a sleek, glossy, and manageable finish, leaving your locks looking healthier and more lustrous. This service Includes a Haircut, Blow Dry, and Flat Iron as part of the process. Due to length and thickness of hair, prices may vary.

After treatment please wait at least 72 hours (3 days) before washing your hair. This allows the keratin to fully bond to the hair strands and maximize the results of the treatment. During this waiting period, it’s essential to avoid getting the hair wet, using hair ties or clips, or tucking the hair behind the ears to prevent any creasing or kinks in the newly treated hair.

Starts at $300.00 · Usually takes up to 2.5 hours 

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

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