Ultimate Guide to Rock Your Heart or Diamond Shaped Face

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Diamonds and Hearts: Crafting Hairstyles that Illuminate Your Features

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen! Manny here, the mastermind behind Vibe Salon, and I’m here to share what hairstyles will showcase that gorgeous face of yours, specifically if you are blessed with a Heart or Diamond shaped face.  Below are some great styles to showcase your features and rock your look.


Heart Shape Face – Queen of Hearts

Heart Shaped Face
We all know that heart-shaped faces are all about that wide forehead and killer jawline, right? Many naturally beautiful celebs share this quality, such as Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, and even Naomi Campbell.  Well here are some hairstyles that will highlight your unique features and make every head turn when you walk into any room…


1* Shag-tastic:

Classic Shag

The iconic shag. With layers that dance and texture that mesmerizes, you’ll be turning your heart-shaped face into a bona fide masterpiece.


2* Messy Glamour:

messy bun

We all know that life can get a little chaotic, but your hair doesn’t have to.  Rock a relaxed messy bun or updo and let your heart-shaped beauty do the talking.


3* The Side-Story:

Side Part

Say hello to the side part. It’s the David Copperfield of hairstyles, magically minimizing your forehead and letting your jawline shine.


4* Low-Key Elegance:

chigon ponytail

Keep it classy with a low ponytail or chignon. It’s understated, drawing eyes away from the forehead and creating an air of sophistication.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Diamond Shaped Face

diamond face shape


Now, if you’ve got a diamond-shaped face, you’re rockin’ those killer cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jawline. Here are the right hairstyle that accentuates your unique features.  More gorgeous people that are a part of the diamond club are Rhianna, Halle Berry, and the infamous Elizabeth Hurley.

1* Top Knot:

top knot

Own the spotlight with a high top knot. This look emphasizes your cheekbones and elongates your silhouette.


2* Sleek and Straight:

sleek and straight hair

Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. Rock sleek, straight hair that complements your angular features.

3* Bold Bangs:

bold bangs

You can go bold with blunt bangs. They’ll create a striking focal point and balance your face’s proportions.

4* Boho Braids:

boho braids

Unleash your free spirit with bohemian braids. They add texture, soften your features.


But wait, there’s more! – Styles That Rock Both…

Don’t feel limited to only a few styles to rock with that beautiful face.  Here are some styles that look great with both heart and diamond face shapes.

1* Elegant Side Sweeps:

side sweep bangs

Let’s kick it off with a classic. Side-swept bangs are your secret weapon for adding softness to angular features while drawing attention to those  cheekbones.


2* Face-Framing Layers:

framing layers

Layers are your BFF! Opt for face-framing layers that add dimension and texture, highlighting your stunning bone structure.


3* Chic Bob:


If shorter hair’s your jam, then rock a classic bob with a modern twist.  A chin-length bob with soft curls or waves will enhance your cheekbones and keep your look effortless.


4* Pixie Cut:

pixie cut

Short hair, don’t care? A textured pixie cut is a bold choice that plays up your fierce cheekbones and brings all eyes to your captivating face.


5* Half-Up Glam:

hair half up

Feeling playful? Hello, volume and balance – it’s a match made in hair heaven. Create visual intrigue by pulling half your hair up into a pretty little updo.


6* Voluminous Waves:

curly hair

Embrace those natural curls or waves! They’ll amp up the volume, balance the proportions, and leave you feeling like the stunning rockstar you are.



But hey, my fellow hair revolutionaries, remember this: these are just guidelines. Your hair is your canvas, and I’m here to help you paint the masterpiece that showcases your unique beauty. Swing by Vibe Salon, and together, we’ll create a hair masterpiece that turns your unique features into pure glamour.  If you are ready to showcase your features, you can schedule a cut or consultation here.


Yours in Style,
Manny ✂️